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How to choose the engraver tools

How to choose the engraver tools when process different materials?
Sometimes, although you have chosen the right carving machine, but the carvings can’t meet your requirement. There are hundreds of tools in the world. You need to be skillful when choosing them. Some suggestions are as follows:

1.To carve acrylic, we suggest you use single blade screw tool. It is smokeless, scentless, fast, non-stick debris when processing. It cuts acrylic smoothly and cleanly. If you’d like the acrylic surface dull polished, we recommend the double screw tool or three spiral blade tool.

2.To cut the density board (used for ads), claymore crumbs screw tool is useful because of non-black, smokeless when processing high density fiberboard.

3.There are Aluminum tools to engrave Aluminum. They are non-stick tool and fast when processing.

4.Single blade sphere screw tools are fit for cork, raw wood,PVC,Acrylic to be embossed.

5.Round bottom tools are designed for high precision embossments.

6.Edge milling cutters are good for HDF and solid wood.

7.3D engravers, with a high degree of concentricity and sharp edge can process high-precision 3D engraving.

8.Double straight slot milling cutters can cut splint and composite board.

9.The lower cutters can shear burr, and remain stable.

10.Use Tungsten steel milling cutters to carve metal.

11.Use diamond gravers to carve Acrylic mirror.

12.Many stripes cutters are fit for rough machining particle board.

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