Application of CNC router

Plastic CNC RouterWood, Sign making, Acrylic, PVC, Plastic, 3D word, etc.

Wood CNC Router: Wood furniture, MDF, Plywood, Solid wood, Cabinet doors, Sign making, Acrylic, PVC, Plastic, 3D word, etc.

Stone CNC RouterStone industry, stele, marble art, granite, quartzite, Epoxy, decoration industry, ceramic, etc.

Metal CNC RouterAluminum plate, Copper, Epoxy, decoration industry, ceramic, Wood, etc.

4 Axis CNC RouterWood column, stair armrest, handrail, table legs, chair legs (above only for 4 axis rotary cnc router), composite trimming, gypsum mold, wood mold, etc.

5 Axis CNC RouterPlastic, composite trimming, gypsum mold, wood mold, etc.

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