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[Nc studio] How to do if cutting dimensions different from what we want

Customer's feedback:

Dear Simon,

We did test cut and found that the dimensions different from what we want, 169 become 179. Is it 179 / 169 x existing motor's pulse setting.




Formula of calculating pulse equivalent:

The right X axis motor's pulse=the expected X axis cutting size /the reality X axis cutting size*existing X axis motor's pulse

The right Y axis motor's pulse=the expected Y axis cutting size /the reality Y axis cutting size*existing Y axis motor's pulse

The right Z axis motor's pulse=the expected Z axis cutting size /the reality Z axis cutting size*existing Z axis motor's pulse

If cutting dimensions are different from what you want, just open "Operating"<"Setting parameters"<Select "Manufacturer's parameters"<Input password(original password is "ncstudio")<"axis parameter", find existing "axis motor's pulse and calculate the right axis motor's pulse according to above formula.

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