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[Nc studio] How to install Nc Studio control system properly

How to install Nc Studio control system properly

Basic Configurations of Nc Studio

◈ Host computer requirment

CPU: basic frequency 1G or above

Memory: above 512M

Hard disk: above 20G

Display adapter: 1024*768 at least

Display: above 14" VGA

CD-ROM: 4× or higher(optional)

Main board extension slot: 1 PCI/PCIE slot or above

Installation of Nc studio

If there is already an old version of NcStudio on the comupter,please delete it first before installing a new version. You can install a new version of NcStudio directly instead, however, please note that such operation will overwrite all data of old version.

NcStudio system includes  two parts: the software and the motion control card. As a result, the etup of the system is also divided into two stages: the software setup and the control card setup.

Please install the motion control card brefore installing the software, to save the trouble of separate installation of driver for the motion control card.

Software Setup

Please install the software as following steps:

(1) Power up and satrt the computer(hereinafter refered to as PC), the system will run the operating system of PC automatically. If your PC has not installed any OS, please install one first. after PC is started, please shut down unrelated running applications.

(2) Insert the installation CD. Double click My Computer on desktop to open it and double click the CD-ROM drive. Under the directory, find software installation package and double click it.

(3) The first dialog box during installation would be popped up, showing " Press 'Yes' to start to update system, and press 'No' to exit"

(4) Click [Yes] to continue. To avoid interference of old version software to the installation of the new one, the system prompts that the setup will delete all files of old version software.

(5) Click [OK] for confirmation. If old version software has been installed in this PC, the system will prompt to save its parameter settings. If you save the parameter settings here, you can apply all the settings to the current software, needless to set the parameters again afterwars. You can make your own decision and choose [Yes] or [No] to go ahead. if you install the software of the type for the first time, this step would be absent. Please jump to "Step 6" to move on.

(6) Installation begins. The NcStudio system will be installed in the directory C:\Program Files\Naiky by default. A dialogue will appear to prompt the user to decide whether to put the generated files and the executive files together or seperately. [No] is recommended here. The next dialog to appear is prompting shutdown of the computer for convenience of motion control card  installation([Yes] is recommended).

(7) After the computer is restarted, software installation is completed.

Installation of NcStudio Motion Control Card and Other Periphery Equipment

Please install the NcStudio motion control card as following steps after software installation is completed:

(1) Power off the PC host, open the chassis conver, and insert the card into an available and well-matched expansion slot, the PCI/OCIE slot. When installing the motion control card, slightly hold the two sides of the card with your hands to secure that it is inserted into the slot firmly and well connectede with the computer baseboard. The tigten the screw of the control card, and close the lid. The installation of the motion control card then finishes.

(2) Similar with the above steps, pleas einsert the connection parts of external devices of periphery equipment into its available and well-matched slot.

(3) Installation is completed. Please restart the computer.

Update the Hardware Driver Manually

After you install the motion control card and the software, you need to manually update the hardware driver. The specific operation steps as below:

(1) Right click "My Computer", select "Properties", and then click "Device Manager". Chooese CNC Adaptor, right click " Weihong CNC Adaptor(PCIMC-6A)" and select "Update Driver Software..."

(2) A dialog will pop up. Select "Install from a list of specific locatin (Advanced)", click [Next] to continue.

(3) Select "Don't search, i will choose the driver to install", click [Next] to go ahead.

(4) Click [Have Disk...] button in the dialog

(5) Click [Browse] button in the pop-ip dialog titled "Install From Disk"

(6) In the pop up dialog box, select the target hardware drive in the list, choose the target file "NcadptPic(PCIMC-6A).inf" under directory "C:\Program Files\Naiky\PCIMC-6A".

(7) Click [OK] to go back, and then click [Next] to start updating the driver software. When the updating is finished, a dialog will pop up.

(8) Click [Finish] to complete the update of the hardware driver. Double click the icon on the desktop or click the icon on the menu "Start"→“All programs” can launch the software successfully.

Uninstall of NcStudio

NcStudio is green software which has the following advantages: it can be installed or uninstalled easily and quickly; the installation information will not be written into the registry of the computer; the files under the installation directory can be deleted directly with no remnant files left on the hard disk. Therefore, to delete the NcStudio software, all you need to do is to delete the folder named "Naiky" under directory C:\Program Files and delete the NcStudio shortcut icon on the desktop as well as the start menu.

*Original source: NcStudio V8 Milling System User's Manual 4th Edition

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