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9 points you need to know about wood CNC router

9 points you need to know about wood CNC router

1. After set original point of workpiece, you must set XYZ axis coordinate to be zero.

2. Set appropriate processing speed and spindle speed to. High processing speed while low spindle speed may cause tool broken

3. When use tool sensor function, please ensure tool sensor block is isolated to Aluminum table

4. Do not keep the machine running over 10 days per day, make sure the cooling water of spindle is cleaning and water pump working well. It is forbidden to let spindle lack of water. You should replace water periodically to avoid high water temperature and try to make there is enough water. Using a big water box is a good choice.

5. Every time after use machine, you must clean the dust on table, ball screw, rack and pinion. You should inject oil to transmit mechanism periodically.

6. If the machine was not working for a long time, you should inject oil and  it idle periodically, to keep the transmit mechanism flexible.

7. You should periodically clean the dust in the electric cabinet and check if there is loosening screw , to ensure circuit safety and stability.

8. You should check if there is loosening screw of each parts of wood CNC router.

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