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XFL-1325-5XB five-axis machining center

XFL-1325Five-axis processing< /span>HeartSuitable for TV back Board, refrigerator liner and other industries. Applicable materials: blister, styrofoam, plastic, stone sound, substitute wood, wood, resin, aluminum, non-metal, and cannot be processed other than aluminum and copper.

XFL-1325 refrigerator liner five-axis machining centerproduct features:

Taiwan’s new generation five-axis system, Japan’s Yaskawa servo drive, 3.5-6KW air-cooled spindle, X/Y rack, Z screw, Z-axis travel 600MM; 8 capacity hat Type automatic tool changer magazine, the engraving speed is up to 1200mm/min.

Machine tool working conditions

1: Plant height: no less than 4 meters;

2: Workshop humidity: relative humidity below 75%, humidity can reach 95% in a short time;

3: Compressed air, 0.6-0.9Mpa, source flow 0.3m³/min;

4: Guide screw lubricating oil, L-HG32 hydraulic guide oil

blister accessories processing center

Dongguan New FarahXFL-1325 refrigerator liner five-axis machining centerAfter-sales service:

1: Equipment installation and commissioning

(1) After the equipment arrives, the technical engineer arrives at the user site on the same day for installation, debugging, and training.

(2) Before the engineer arrives, the user should make preparations: equipment unloading, placement, power supply, leakage protector, etc.

2: Training

(1) Free use training for customers before sales.

(2) The trainees must have certain relevant academic qualifications and knowledge. The supplier will conduct programming, operation, processing and daily maintenance training for customers, and the trainees must be fixed , Study hard.

3: During the warranty period, the machine will be repaired free of charge, and the equipment repairs within the warranty period will be clearly marked.