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XFL-1513 CNC solid wood cutting machine

XFL-1513Solid wood cutting machine< /a>Taiwan intention control system, Taiwan Delta servo, 9KW air-cooled spindle.

Features of solid wood cutting machine:

1. Suitable for special-shaped cutting of 20-150mm materials.

2. Specifically for a variety of different dining tables, chairs, stool legs, bed posts, stair handrails, lamp ornaments, European-style furniture Roman columns and various wooden crafts.

Solid wood cutting machine

3. The finished product is smooth, and the finished product is directly produced, saving labor and labor cost.

4. The operation is simple, and the input program is automatically processed. Compared with the profiling lathe and back-cut lathe, the productivity is greatly improved.

5. Fast speed, adjustable feeding speed, high retraction speed after feeding.

6. The standardized management of the production line is easier to realize, and the production schedule is easier to control.

Solid wood cutting

7. Multi-layer stacking can be opened at the same time, greatly improving work efficiency.

8. The tool swings out of a curve, with high efficiency and long life.

9. Save wood, wide processing range, automatic programming, simple operation, division of labor between man and machine, and reduce the risk of occupational injuries.

10. Reduce manual technical requirements.

11. There is no need to get close to the cutting tool, production is safe, and the risk of work injury is reduced.

12. The advantage of the equipment lies in its high efficiency/ labor saving/ material saving/ standardization/ safety features.

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